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Do You See What I See?

I'm a visual writer;  I like to imagine a scene playing out like a movie in my head before I put it 'on paper.'  A problem with this is that I'll fail to adequately transcribe my imagined scene onto the printed page.  It can be difficult during self-editing to filter out what I've already visualized (i.e., to put myself in the reader's shoes and only 'see' what the words describe).  Since I've already 'pictured' what happens, my brain fills in the pieces that my words haven't adequately detailed, and even though I'm imagining a completed scene in my head based on what I'm reading, what's actually on the page has gaps.

I've developed a 'trick' to help myself with this problem.  It's nothing complicated and is extremely simple, if not overtly obvious, but I've found it does help me. After I've finished writing a scene, I'll do a re-read with a piece of scrap paper handy. As I'm reading, I sketch…

StoryBundle - What is it?

StoryBundle is another interesting indie ebook site I've recently experimented with.  I'll give it the usual treatment below:

Website Name & Link:  StoryBundle

What it's About (in their own words):
StoryBundle is a way for people who love to read to discover quality indie books written by indie authors. You know how it's always hard to find something good to read? StoryBundle hopes to solve that.

We take a handful of books—usually about five or so—and group them together to offer as a bundle. Then you, the reader, can take a look at the titles we've chosen and decide how much you'd like to pay. Think of us like a friend that scours independent books for undiscovered gems, then bundles these titles together for one low price that you decide. Yeah, we mean it; you get to set the price that you want to pay! How it Works:  Founded in early 2012, StoryBundle features indie authors from all different genres.  They choose authors and read the titles themselves, to e…