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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OnlyIndie.com Is Closed :-(

Well, shoot!  I clicked on my OnlyIndie.com link today and found this:
Hey there,
It’s Karol, co-founder of OnlyIndie. You’re here because you followed a link to OnlyIndie.com.
As you can probably see, OnlyIndie is closed. It was a fun concept, but ultimately we couldn’t find our niche or compete with the likes of Amazon. Such is the life of an entrepreneur.
Onwards and upwards.
If you remember, I blogged about OnlyIndie back in September.  Unfortunately, it didn't take hold.  Most of Crimson & Cream's 15 free copies were taken, but I hadn't actually sold an ebook on OnlyIndie yet.  I fear that was the problem for most.

I'm hoping better luck for Novelnook, which I discussed last month.  So far, Novelnook has been adding features and seems to be plugging along.  As an indie author, I'm pulling for sites like these to carve out their niche.  The world of online self-publishing is an evolving, dynamic, paradigm-shifting beast, and I hope the "little guys" can hang on for the ride.

Since there are no more Crimson & Cream freebies at OnlyIndie, you can still enter to win a free copy at Team Nerd through Friday.

I'll leave you with a little peek at my Crimson & Cream Pinterest site:

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