Rabid Readers Reviews

I was preparing a post updating my progress in soliciting legitimate ebook reviews by independent bloggers.  Counting my sent e-mails last night, I found approximately 64 requests I've made since August.  Of these requests, I have not yet seen a review, though I've heard back from many that they're currently reading it, or it's in their queue.  Please note, this isn't a gripe or complaint; I understand these people have a backlog of requests and I appreciate anything that someone is doing for free.  I'm posting the information here so you, dear reader, have an idea what to expect should you do the same (Disclaimer:  individual results may vary).

However, upon checking my e-mail this morning, I found a Google Alert indicating Crimson & Cream had been reviewed  by Rabid Readers Reviews, who was actually not one of the 64 requests in my outbox.  Anyhow, I was surprised and delighted (and a little nervous to read the review).  So without further adieu, here's the link to Rabid Readers Reviews.  Don't worry--I'll wait.

Done reading the review?  If by any chance that entices you to read Crimson & Cream, there are four free copies available at OnlyIndie.  Or you're welcome to purchase a copy (for which I would be most grateful) at any of these fine retailers:

Barnes & Noble bn.com