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What's Your Page Look Like on Every Device?

Over the holidays, I saw my website on an iPad.

It was a mess.

Text overlapped images and everything squished together, even when holding the tablet in 'landscape' orientation.  So I decided I needed to fix my web page (because I heard these iPad things are getting popular).

But how?  Therein lies the rub.  I did some Googling and found several websites that simulate (for free) what your (or any) web page will look like on a variety of computers, tablets, and smart phones.  I particularly liked this one:

Using Screenfly, you can preview your web page on different computer monitor sizes, net books, the iPad, Galaxy, Zoom and other tablets, 8 different smart phones, and 3 TV resolutions.  It even lets you rotate the page and simulate scrolling.

You won't easily get your page to look perfect on all of them, but you can get a good idea which platforms really massacre the look of your page.  Needless to say, I did some reorganizing and re-s…

Holiday Potluck

Wow, that was a fast week!  What I've got today is a potpourri of random stuff to close out my 2012 blogging (even if the world doesn't end tonight, I've got holiday travel and a busy schedule the rest of the year, so this is my last planned blog for the year).
FREE Crimson & Cream at Novelnook through the end of 2012 (whenever that may be!).  Use the coupon code to get a free download.  Speaking of Novelnook, they launched full-scale out of their beta this week.  Check it out here for more details:  Novelnook - Launched.  One new thing I noticed they added was an explanation of their rating scale.  Crimson & Cream has been rated 5.5 for a while, and I wasn't too excited about a 5.5, since I assumed it was a 10 scale. However, it is a 5 scale.  So how do I have 5.5 rating?  Extra credit?  No, actually, Novelnook itself reserves the right to give select books a rating of 6, which apparently, Crimson & Cream received (Thanks Novelnook!).Google+ Communities:  I…

Write, Write, Write. Right!

One of the many blogs I follow is Lindsay Buroker's, which in itself is an excellent read, but today had a guest post by Collin J. Earl, who wrote, among other interesting things, the following lines that struck a chord with me:
"You need to write. That is the key, writing, writing, writing. Content, content, content. You’ve got to do it. I cannot say it enough. That is the one thing that has not changed in the last five years. You want to be a paid author, (I don’t say successful because there are different definitions) I mean a paid author – one who makes money off of books, you need as much content as possible." I've found myself spending more time on my facebook author page, blogging, Google+, Goodreads, Shelfari, et al, as opposed to focusing on writing the second book of The Oxbow Kindgom Trilogy.  Not to say that I'm not writing--I am.  Book II is open on my desktop right now, and is around 27,000 words in a first draft, which is not bad, considering I star…

The Jealousy Glass (Artifacts of Empire)

Today I'm participating in a blog blitz for Gwen Perkins's new novel The Jealousy Glass (Artifacts of Empire).  There are all sorts of goodies below, so please check them out!

"We came to stop a war before it came to Cercia.  And it seems the war has come to us."

Responsibility and patriotism spur Cercia's new leader, Quentin, to protect his beloved country at all costs and he assigns Asahel and Felix to serve as ambassadors and secret agents to Anjdur. Their journey quickly turns awry and Asahel and Felix barely escape a devastating shipwreck, walk a tightrope of political tension, and rescue an empress before they learn they must face an enemy closer to them than they thought.

Will they be able to uncover an assassin's plot before it's too late? Will Asahel be able to unearth a secret that is vital to their mission? Will Cercia survive its own revolution? In The Jealousy Glass, Perkins boldly continues a series of unforgettable characters and events that w…