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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Season Freebie

I've blogged about Novelnook previously and want to continue document my DIY indie-author, ebook marketing experiment.  In a dual effort to cultivate more fans and play around with some of the new Novelnook features, I've 'printed' a coupon for a free download of Crimson & Cream at Novelnook.

If you'd like a free copy, or would like to give one as a gift (it is a cheap 'stocking stuffer!') visit Novelnook and use this coupon code:  168d911fb16ea9ac67ef (I'm sorry it's sooo long--please cut & paste!).  If you have problems, inconveniences, or any general comments about the process, please let me know (post below or e-mail me--my address can be found on this page if you use your Sherlock Holmes skillz).  I'm a big fan of Novelnook and would like to see them succeed, so I'll happily forward on any concerns you may have.

And if you're unsure about giving someone a free ebook as a present, I assure you, Crimson & Cream is an actual novel (with its very own ISBN!) and has been read and favorably reviewed by a few people on Amazon and Goodreads.  Therefore, I don't think you'll be considered a cheap-skate (you can always pretend you paid the full retail $2.99, you big spender!).

And as a Plan B, if for some reason the Novelnook coupon doesn't work for you, I also have a Smashwords coupon for a free download as well.  Click HERE and use this code: RK84U

Per my usual farewell, I'll sign off with a Pinterest peek, which reminds me of a character in Crimson & Cream (Sir Prentice Imoor, to be specific):

Source: images.4chan.org via CM on Pinterest
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