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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just 4 Fun - Addictive Wastes of Time, Vol. III

Welcome to the third installment of my 'Just for Fun' posts featuring online addictive wastes of time. Are you tired of scrolling Facebook or pinning the same old pins? Have you seen enough cat pix yet? I noze I haz!

That's why I'm here to help. Depending on your personal tastes, I have just the website for you to enjoyably kill time on, without revisiting those same boring sites you've grown weary of. Here's my Addictive Wastes of Time, Volume 3:

  • Need a voyeur fix? Check in on any one of over 800 live webcams streaming from around the world: http://www.geocam.tv/
  • Feel like scribbling on your monitor, but are so over MS Paint? Play around with Kleki (see my example artwork below): http://kleki.com/
And now, a word from our author:  I'm currently revising my butt off working on the second edition of Crimson & Cream, Book One of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy. After finishing that, I'll be moving on to revising the completed Mirrors & Mist, Book Two of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy, which is currently in the hands of my editor, who takes MS Word's Track Changes to whole new levels.

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