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Automating Your Social Media Output, Part 2

My disclaimer from Part 1 of this post still holds true. Today I'll discuss a free online service called HootSuite, which, like IFTTT, can help you automate and streamline your social media presence. HootSuite offers many features, including tools to manage multiple social networks and schedule messages and tweets to multiple websites at optimal times.

The free plan offers the following features:
Manage up to 5 Social Profiles (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Blogger,WordPress, Reddit, and Stumble Upon are most of the big ones available);Basic Analytic Reports (profile overviews, engagement summaries, page insights);Message Scheduling (automatically at times you choose to the sites you choose); App Integration; andUp to 2 RSS feeds. I've been using HootSuite for several weeks, but am by no means an expert. From my limited exposure, I've listed my personal Pros & Cons below:

I use the auto-schedule tool to post to Facebook and Tw…

Page 99 Test Revisited: "Like a dog with ADHD"

Last October, I blogged about a website called Page99Test. I uploaded page 99 from Crimson & Cream and after nearly a year of being on the website, I received the maximum allowable 30 reviews and have had my page 'retired.'  What I'm sharing with you today are the results of this experiment and the feedback I received, for the purpose of helping you decide if this is worth doing with your own writing.

Page99Test lets its visitors read page 99 from a random, anonymous book. After reading the page, the reader is prompted to answer three questions:

Would you Turn the Page?Tell the writer why or why not.Based on what you read, how likely are you to buy this book?
In analyzing the numbers, I averaged almost 3 reviews a month. Of these 30 reviews, 40% of the readers indicated they would turn the page (12 out of 30).

Regarding feedback on how likely the reader was to buy the book, my meager statistics are shown below:

Very Likely
0% (0 votes) Somewhat Likely
17% (5 votes) No Opini…