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Review: Opening the Creativity Diamond

Do you ever struggle with writer's block, or feel like your brain is stuck in a rut, recycling the same old tropes? Do you wish you knew some time-tested techniques to nudge your creative mind in new directions? Do you have trouble establishing (or maintaining) a consistently productive writing schedule? If so, I have something that may help.

I recently read the review copy of Opening the Creativity Diamond: The writer's guide to creative thinkingby Tony Jones, which is a book designed to help writers unleash their potential. Tony Jones is a fellow indie author, blogger, and Google Plusser with "years of experience as a trainer of creative thinking tools." In his book, Mr. Jones reveals proven ways to 'jump-start' your brain, including detailed examples, puzzles, and brain teasers.

Mr. Jones explains that "I have tailored a diverse set of techniques for writers. The book contains many examples of the ideas in action along with a few exercises for the rea…

Social Media: Too Much, or Not Enough?

Happy new year, everyone (better late than never)! I sincerely hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you all the best for 2015. As another year rolls by, I find myself assessing my efficiency and productivity. As an indie author, I still need to maintain a non-writing, full-time job, and hence, my 'free' time for creative writing related activities is at a premium.

Since I waded into the self-publishing pool in 2012, I've seen the industry expand in leaps and bounds. It seems every day there is something new to consider; websites, services, blogs, advice, social media outlets, retail sellers, and more bombard the indie author with promises of success. Yet wading through this myriad of potentially-beneficial distractions to find the most useful and efficient tools is daunting.

As a newbie, I tried everything; signed up for every social media platform, joined all the indie author sites I could find, subscribed to countless blogs, posted my e-book anywhere it could…