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Good News/Bad News - Book Promo Results

From August 17th through the 22nd, 2016, I ran an Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal for my epic fantasy novel Mirrors & Mist (Book II of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy). I discounted the e-book from $2.99 to $0.99 for the entire 5-day promotional period.

Since I had success with BKnights previously, I decided to use them again, and also expand my marketing to a few more book promotion advertisers. I invested $100 in three sites; BKnights (via Fiverr) ($10), Booksbutterfly ($50), and Bargain Booksy ($40).

Now that the results of my e-book sale promotion are in, I've got some good news and some bad news.

The Good:
I sold 34 ebooks (24 of Mirrors & Mist and 10 of Crimson & Cream at regular price), which was my best 5-day sales period ever.My Amazon author rank reached it's highest rating ever.Both Mirrors & Mist and Crimson & Cream reached their highest position on the Amazon Bestseller Rank.The Bad:
I didn't break even on the promotion, as my sale revenue fell short o…