Holiday Fantasy Sale

Mirrors & Mist is on sale for a BUCK at Amazon. 
"The tension created by Mr. Skiera’s words is thick, the energy, heady and the loyalty of allies simply amazing! High adventure, dimensional scenes, sounds, smells and inner turmoil, it’s all here, all riveting, all addictive and an epic fantasy that will engage anyone with an eye for great storytelling."

And for FREE, find out how it all started in Crimson & Cream, Book I of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy.  Use code HS47W at Smashwords to download your free e-book.
"I absolutely loved every minute I spent in this world. Your heart breaks for Jetsam, his band of orphans will make your heart ache . . ."

Warlock & Wyrm, the third and final book of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy releases in 2017.