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Advertising Your eBook on Amazon

How to Run an Ad Campaign for your eBook using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
The big question for most authors is "How much will it cost?" With Amazon Marketing Services, you can determine your own budget by setting the maximum amount of US dollars your campaign can be charged in a day, and how many days the campaign will run. Cost-per-click bids start at $0.02 with a daily budget as low as $1. For example, I'm running a 3-day promo from March 7 through March 9, 2017, and I set my daily spend limit at $10 a day, which means my total cost is capped at $30.

So how does that $30 get spent? You pay a set amount when a customer clicks your ad (I set my Cost-per-Click at $0.25). Readers who click your ad will be sent to your book's detail page. You're charged for each click, regardless of whether or not the clicker buys your book once they're at your book page.

So, assuming this fits within your budget, how do you get started? First, the obvious: you need an Am…