Fantasy Book Sale!

I'm trying something different with my Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Countdown deals.  Since I've run my allotted promos for Crimson & Cream and the Oxbow  Kingdom Trilogy compilation eBook this period, I'm using up my KDP deal days for books two and three of the trilogy: Mirrors & Mist and Warlock & Wyrm.

I'm not running any paid promos for these current sales, as I've found it hard to break even with promotions for trilogy books two and three, whereas sale ads for the first book and the entire trilogy have performed better with the paid promos.

For the next few days, both Mirrors & Mist and Warlock & Wyrm eBooks are on sale for 99 cents on Amazon. If you enjoyed Crimson & Cream, now's your chance to grab the rest of the trilogy for $1.98. Here's what folks are saying:

"When I learned that Warlock & Wyrm the third installment of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy was finished, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. C.M. Skiera has created a world with this trilogy that comes alive. By the end of the first book, Crimson & Cream, I was thoroughly invested and emotionally involved. I truly cared about the characters and what would happen to them. I ran the gamut of emotions while reading this trilogy, experiencing anger, happiness, relief, frustration, fear, disbelief, joy . . . I could go on. . . Just know, if you are a fan of epic fantasies, then this is your trilogy. Master storytelling is hard to achieve, but you will find it here. Enjoy. I did." -- Amazon author and reviewer Jennifer Thompson.