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The Importance of Amazon Reviews

I'm sure you've heard it before: "Amazon reviews are extremely important to authors." That statement (or some variation) is an oft-repeated mantra. And guess what? It's true.

But do you know why it's true? Verified customer (reader) reviews boost your book ranking, which in turn, affects the algorithm that places your book link on other Amazon pages for potential customers to see. Amazon's infamous algorithm is is a formula that instructs the Amazon website how to populate suggested product lists when customers search for items (and even when they don't--thanks, Amazon).

Amazon wants to make money, and they can make money off your book if it's selling and people like it. Amazon determines how much people like your book by how high and how often they rate (review) it. Hence, reviews lead to promotion, which lead to sales, which lead to more reviews, and so it goes.

Amazon reviews are also required for promotional opportunities. Want to purchase an …