Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy Promotion


The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy complete e-book collection will be discounted for a limited time (see dates and prices below) starting March 29, 2021. Take a chance on this 923-page epic fantasy adventure; you won't be disappointed. 

“If you are a fan of epic fantasies, then this is your trilogy. Master storytelling is hard to achieve, but you will find it here.” 

"I absolutely loved every minute I spent in this world. Your heart breaks for Jetsam, his band of orphans will make your heart ache . . ." 

"High adventure, dimensional scenes, sounds, smells and inner turmoil, it's all here, all riveting, all addictive and an epic fantasy that will engage anyone with an eye for great storytelling."

"If Brent Weeks had a love child with Rowling....you'd expect the kid to be able to write books like this after he'd overdosed on The Hobbit."

"Fantasy at its best, you will love this series. Wonderful characters, and a great story . You will be sorry when it ends."

"The writing has lots of cinematic flair and the story will have you rooting for the main characters to find their way home, and find their own happy ending despite the odds stacked against them."