Annual Holiday Giveaway

I hope you're doing well during this pandemic and sincerely wish you a peaceful and healthy upcoming holiday season. I've neglected my blog this year, and apologize for that. Hopefully, 2022 will be better in many ways, for all of us.

I'm giving away e-books again this holiday season. I know finances are tight for many, and if you want to treat yourself or give a gift that won't cost you anything, please take advantage of this offer. Curling up with a good e-book may help a tiny bit with the burdens of the pandemic, dark days, and stresses of the holiday season.

This December, all my e-books will be free during the schedule below:

Crimson & Cream; Free December 3 through 7

Mirrors & Mist; Free December 8 through 12

Warlock & Wyrm; Free December 13 through 17

The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy; Free December 18 through 22

Many people have enjoyed these books, and you may, too. Here's what one Amazon reviewer had to say:

"You know, one thing confuses me when I read CM Skiera's work...
Leaves me all out of sorts...
Makes me wonder...

Why isn't this guy on the NYT Best Seller List?
Seriously - I don't like giving away details of the book, so let's just say:

If Brent Weeks had a love child with Rowling....
You'd expect the kid to be able to write books like this after he'd overdosed on The Hobbit.

CM's work is really good. ..lose track of time and stay up hours late on a work night good.
So do yourself a favor...
Buy this book.
Read it.
Be tired at work the next day.
Then repeat.

You'll be glad you did." 

Please feel free to share. Thank you and take care. And happy holidays from Trudy, Gracie, and Bugsy!