Holiday Potluck

Wow, that was a fast week!  What I've got today is a potpourri of random stuff to close out my 2012 blogging (even if the world doesn't end tonight, I've got holiday travel and a busy schedule the rest of the year, so this is my last planned blog for the year).
  • FREE Crimson & Cream at Novelnook through the end of 2012 (whenever that may be!).  Use the coupon code to get a free download.  Speaking of Novelnook, they launched full-scale out of their beta this week.  Check it out here for more details:  Novelnook - Launched.  One new thing I noticed they added was an explanation of their rating scale.  Crimson & Cream has been rated 5.5 for a while, and I wasn't too excited about a 5.5, since I assumed it was a 10 scale. However, it is a 5 scale.  So how do I have 5.5 rating?  Extra credit?  No, actually, Novelnook itself reserves the right to give select books a rating of 6, which apparently, Crimson & Cream received (Thanks Novelnook!).
  • Google+ Communities:  I discovered some very large writing communities on the new Google+ feature 'Communities.'  I've interacted a bit with several of these writing communities this week and have found some nice, helpful people and a lot of good information.  I've also experimented in some 'circle sharing,' and found out it's an easy way to blow up your circles (if you're into that sort of thing). With not much effort this week, I added over 1,200 people to my circles, over 500 of which have added me to theirs.  Also, I have a Google+ page for Crimson & Cream (in addition to my own page), however, I'm not sure I'm getting much mileage out of this feature.  If you have any experience using Google+ pages to promote your stuff, I'd love to hear about it (hint, hint).
  • Volume II of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy:  On my last post, I talked about my trying to spend more time writing and a little less on social media marketing.  I decided my goal was to write at least one sentence every day, with the idea being writing one sentence is easy, and hopefully, after meeting this modest goal, I'd keep writing and complete more than one sentence a day.  I've kept it up for over a week, and it seems to be helping.  There's been a day or two where I had to stop at one sentence (busy, tired, etc.), but most days I've done much more than that.  This week I've gone from 27,000 to 31,205 words.
And finally, in the rich, months-long tradition of my blog, a little something from my Pinterest page (Happy Holidays everyone!  Now I gotta go write that sentence ;-):

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