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Monday, May 23, 2016

More Info on Book Ads

Did you know there are over 250 websites where an author can promote their book deals and giveaways? To me, that number is daunting. How do you create a strategy to advertise your books with so many options and so little data on actual performance results?

I recently read a guest post on Indies Unlimited by Jason B. Ladd of IndieListers, a new website that features a free database of book promotion results. You have to sign up to view the results (and to enter your own data to share, if you wish), but registration is free, so I joined the site.

The IndieListers database displays actual performance results uploaded by authors on their advertising purchases. Currently, there are over 300 entries posted by authors on their various ad campaigns. What kind of results are posted? You can find the following information (depending on the level of detail the author provides while entering the data):
  • The name of the advertising service(s) used,
  • The fees paid to run the ad,
  • The number of book downloads and the corresponding cost per download,
  • The book's genre and sale price, and
  • The book's title along with author comments.
IndieListers also provides links to the 250+ sites where you can promote your book. As I perused the database, I noticed (not surprisingly) that BookBub stands out as the leader in the number of book downloads, however, there are many other sites where authors experienced successful ad campaigns. If you're considering running an ad for your book and don't have a strategy on where to start, I suggest signing up for IndieListers and viewing the database information.


Here's an update on my Goodreads ad for my epic fantasy ebook Crimson & Cream. Since mid-February, I've had $18.50 deducted from my $20 payment from a total of 28 clicks on my ad. The ad's performance results to date are listed below
  • Total views of my ad on Goodreads: 126,357
  • Total Amazon sales during add: 4
The graph below displays the Goodreads statistics for Crimson & Cream during the ad period (shown inside the red box) and prior to starting the ad. As you can see, the Goodreads ad did create an uptick in activity (despite a dry spell in April) when compared to the period prior to starting the ad.
So even though I've yet to break even on the ad, I have seen an increase in exposure (for both Crimson & Cream and Mirrors & Mist), and overall, I think it's been a worthwhile (though not yet profitable) experience.

Author Update: I'm working on the second draft of Warlock & Wyrm, polishing the final three chapters before I move on to reading and editing the third draft.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

How My Goodreads Ad Performed

In February, I spent $20 for a Goodreads ad for my epic fantasy ebook Crimson & Cream. To place an ad, Goodreads charges you for an initial set amount (a minimum of $10) and each click your ad receives deducts the cost per click (CPC) from your total amount paid. For example, if you spent $10 to start your campaign, and set your CPC to $1, you would get charged $1 for each click, up to ten, when your $10 would be depleted and your ad would stop running. You can set the amount you pay per click, although the instructions indicate the more you pay per click, the higher priority your add receives in placement. If you don't receive any clicks on your ad, Goodreads will refund your money upon request.

So far, I've had $11.30 deducted from my $20 payment from a total of 10 clicks on my Crimson & Cream ad. Here's an update of the ad's performance results to date (other than sales, these statistics are provided on your Goodreads Campaign Page):
  • Total views of my ad on Goodreads: 59,302
  • Total number of Goodreads members who clicked on my ad: 10
  • Total members who added Crimson & Cream to their reading list: 14
  • Total Amazon sales during add: 0
So far, I've seen no return on my investment as far as sales go, although there's a possibility that some of the 14 people who added Crimson & Cream to their Goodreads list may purchase the book at some point. Once my $20 runs out, I plan to try a Facebook at and see how the results compare with Goodreads. I'll share those results, along with the final Goodreads ad numbers, here as well.
~ ~ ~
Spring Fantasy Giveaway: From April 21 through April 23, 2016Mirrors & Mist will be available for free on Amazon. During that same time, Crimson & Cream will be available for free on Smashwords with this coupon code: HS47W.

I'm advertising my giveaway on these websites, which feature free promotions: 
    • Armadillo ebooks
    • Ask David
    • Author Marketing Club
    • Awesome Gang
    • Book-Circle
    • Best eBooks Free
    • Choosy Bookworm
    • eBook Lister
    • eBook Stamp
    • eBookasaurus
    • eBooks Habit
    • eReader Utopia
    • Freebooksy
    • Free 99 Books
    • Frugal-Freebies
    • Ignite Your Book
    • Indie Book of the Day
    • It's Write Now
    • Kindle Book Promos
    • OHFB (One Hundred Free Books)
    • Reading Deals
    • The Daily Bookworm
    • The eReader CafĂ©
    • The Kindle Book Review
If you haven't tried The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy yet, now is your chance to do so at no cost.

Here's what readers are saying about Crimson & Cream and Mirrors & Mist:
  • "Every once in a while I come across a book that completely takes me by surprise--in the best of ways--and I absolutely fall in love with it CRIMSON & CREAM was one of these for me!"
  • "I loved this book! This book has it all; adventure, magic, myth, legend. Epic fantasy at it's best."
  • "...the most surprising book I read in 2016!"
  • "This is a story of survival that is full of heart and humanity."
  • "...an adventure tale of daring escapes and desperate discoveries filled with interesting characters, evil villains, frightening monsters, and black magic."
  • "I absolutely loved every minute I spent in this world. Your heart breaks for Jetsam, his band of orphans will make your heart ache with pity and feelings."
  • "...a surefire magnetic for reluctant YA readers."
  • "...will have you turning the pages as fast as you can..."
  • "C.M. Skiera has a wonderful talent for description and dialogue, and his characters are unique and interesting."
  • "I was never bored, never anything less than turning the pages to find out what happens next."
~ ~ ~

Author update: I'm 75% through editing and revising the first draft of Warlock & Wyrm, the third (and final) book of the Oxbow Kingdom trilogy.

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