Fantasy eBook Deal & Giveaway

My Kindle Countdown Deal for Mirrors & Miststarts today and ends soon. You can purchase Mirrors & Mist for $0.99 on Amazon and get a free copy of Crimson & Cream on Smashwords with this code: WA98P.

My Amazon ad starts tomorrow and runs through Thursday. If you happen to spot the ad, I'd appreciate if you'd let me know, and provide your thoughts/feedback. The details and planning behind this Amazon ad are discussed in this post.

If you want a free copy of Mirrors & Mist, I'll gift the first three responders to this post a free e-book on Amazon. And if you have a spare moment, please help spread the word of this sale. Thanks for your continued support!

Crimson & Cream, Book I of The Oxbow Kingdom TrilogyHunted by greedy mercenaries and ferocious monsters, a luckless teenage orphan risks his life to discover and reclaim his stolen birthright.
Mirrors & Mist, Book II of The Oxbow Kingdom TrilogyCan Jetsam save his beloved mentor from certain death, or …

A Progress Update

I'm quite horrible at providing updates on my work-in-progress via social media. People don't care whether I've written 1,000 words or revised a chapter or had grilled cheese for brunch. And tweeting about it (or posting a photo of my dairy-centric sandwich on Facebook) feels like a waste of time for all involved. However, a few precious souls are interested in when the third book of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy will be released, and to those wonderful folks, I thank you wholeheartedly. This post is for you.

If you follow my little author updates at the bottom of my blog posts, I try to provide brief progress reports. And if you look back at those snippets, you'll find my projections are consistently overly-optimistic. I've always been an impatient person, and have worked on overcoming that (among countless other shortcomings) my whole life, with scant progress. Combine my recalcitrant impatience with the fact that I'm a predominantly lazy person, who enjoys rando…

Advertising Your eBook on Amazon

How to Run an Ad Campaign for your eBook using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
The big question for most authors is "How much will it cost?" With Amazon Marketing Services, you can determine your own budget by setting the maximum amount of US dollars your campaign can be charged in a day, and how many days the campaign will run. Cost-per-click bids start at $0.02 with a daily budget as low as $1. For example, I'm running a 3-day promo from March 7 through March 9, 2017, and I set my daily spend limit at $10 a day, which means my total cost is capped at $30.

So how does that $30 get spent? You pay a set amount when a customer clicks your ad (I set my Cost-per-Click at $0.25). Readers who click your ad will be sent to your book's detail page. You're charged for each click, regardless of whether or not the clicker buys your book once they're at your book page.

So, assuming this fits within your budget, how do you get started? First, the obvious: you need an Am…

The Best of My 2016 Reading List

Happy 2017! I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and I wish you all the very best for the new year.

My 2016 Goodreads Summary reports that in 2016, I read 40 books, not including 5 drafts of my own novel, Warlock & Wyrm.  I didn't quite finish Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings before the end of 2016, though I'm over 900 pages deep. It will be my first finished read of 2017. If you're curious as to what my reading tastes are, here is a summary of the best of what I read last year.

My personal top five (in no particular order) 5-Star-rated speculative fiction:
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, published 1992 - Science Fiction (Dystopia/Cyberpunk)The Martian by Andy Weir, published 2011 - Science Fiction11/22/63 by Stephen King, published 2011 - Science Fiction (Time Travel/Alternate History)Fool's Quest (The Fitz and The Fool Trilogy #2) by Robin Hobb, published 2015 - Epic FantasyHalf a War (Shattered Sea #3) by Joe Abercrombie, published 2015 - Epic Fantasy My …