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Indie Writer Starter Kit - Tools for the Frugal Author

One of the underlying themes of this blog has been finding cost-effective (i.e., free) tools available to writers. Below is a list of my favorite free tools that I use and find very helpful and effective. Together, these resources provide an excellent starting kit for any aspiring writer:

For writing your novel, yWriter5 is a free word processing software (for Windows PCs) that has a ton of features to help you plan, plot, organize, rearrange and analyze your work in progress, all from within the program. It is the best free writing software I've ever encountered. If you're interested in Scrivener, but want to try a similar program at no cost, give yWriter5 a shot. You can find my full review of yWriter5 here.

Pro Writing Aid (PWA). Cut and paste up to 3,000 words into the PWA online editor and receive 19 writing reports for free. The full feature package costs $35 a year. Use PWA to polish your work and identify weaknesses in your writing. I've tried a lot of…