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Book Promo Autopsy: 2017 in Review

With 2017 behind us, I studied the costs and results of all the eBook sale promotions I ran last year, with the goal of optimizing my advertising spend for 2018. I ran seven Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) promotions in 2017 for three novels and a compilation eBook.  All the promotions ran in the second half of the year, so it's really a six-month data set. What follows are my results advertising fantasy eBook sales - your experience will vary.

For each of my seven KDP eBook sales, I ran only one promo per day (although my Amazon ads were running simultaneously, so a small portion of the daily sales can be attributed to the Amazon ads). Over the last six months of 2017, I advertised with the following online book sale promotion services:

 1. BKnights (on Fiverr): I ran 3 events for a cost of $27 and sold 9 eBooks, for a cost/sale of $3.00
 2. BookBarbarian: Ran 3 events for a total of $100 and sold 67 eBooks, for a cost/sale of $1.49
 3. BookDoggy: Five events for a total cost of $…

The Best of My 2017 Reading List

Happy 2018! I hope you enjoyed the festive season and I wish you all the very best for the new year. After the holidays and the associated travel and events, I feel like I'm emerging from writing hibernation. Time to shake off the old year and dig in for 2018.

This year, I'll begin a new, stand-alone, fantasy novel, set in a different world from the Oxbow Kingdom, with new characters and adventures. I've started world-building, outlining, and plotting, and plan to begin writing in earnest soon. I'll provide more details and teasers in future posts, but for now, know that I'm still plugging away with my writing.

I'll also be honing my marketing skills while trying to sell more copies (and garner more reviews) of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy. December was a watermark month for me sales-wise, and I'll prepare a future post with more tips and lessons learned from advertising on Amazon. Also in the upcoming year, I'll be adjusting my strategies and experimentin…