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Building my Next Novel

Since the release of Warlock & Wyrm last fall, I've been working on a new fantasy novel. The latest book is still untitled, but will be a stand-alone novel set in a different world than that of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy. Though I'd also like to continue the adventures of Jetsam, Seryn, and the gang someday, I'm interested in taking the lessons and experience from the trilogy and experimenting with something new.

I'm trying to push myself to break away from the fantasy tropes and standards I relied on for The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy and inject more originality and unpredictability into my storytelling. I still love writing about pseudo-medieval heroic adventures, so likely the differences from my previous work will be subtle, as opposed to drastically different.

Based on the world-building I've done, I envision multiple books in this new setting, and the first novel may end up being part of a series, but it will definitely be a stand-alone story. I'm not plann…