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My Experience with a Bknights Promo

For my most recent Amazon KDP Select ebook giveaway, I decided to purchase a promotion to help advertise the event. I reviewed the results of other authors' book promotions on IndieListers and chose to give Bknights (on Fiverr) a try, based on their reasonable prices and results. I purchased a $10 promotional package for Bknights to market my ebook on their site ( that has over 4,800 active readers.

I ran my Mirrors & Mist Amazon giveaway on June 3 and 4, 2016. In total, I gave away 320 books, which was about three times the amount during my last KDP event in April, 2016 (95 ebooks), where I only promoted my giveaway on free websites.

In addition to giving away 320 ebooks, I also sold 10 copies of my first book, Crimson & Cream, during the two-day promotional period (which is 10 ebooks more than I sold in the days before and after the promo). These indirect 'offshoot' sales covered the cost of the Bknights ad, and then some. I actually made abo…