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Exposure Websites for Indie Authors

As many of you know, I just released my epic fantasy e-book Mirrors & Mist, Book II of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy. In my bumbling, masochistic, and often embarrassing attempts to self-market my e-books, I've revisited the habit of joining free websites that promote indie authors and their work. Not just the big names like Goodreads, Library Thing, Wattpad, and Shelfari, but the lesser-known sites as well.

Unfortunately, I have no way of correlating book sales with my participation in any of the smaller sites listed below. By no means am I selling a ton of books, although Mirrors & Mist is off to a much better start than its predecessor, Crimson & Cream. Whether any of these websites contributed to that, I've yet to discover.

I'm fully aware that my posting on these websites may have accounted for exactly zero sales, and that I may have done nothing more than expose myself to more scams, spams, or worse. However, following the old adage of There's no such thi…

E-book Release: Mirrors & Mist, Book II of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy

Mirrors & Mist, Book II of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy  now available at Amazon
Jetsam fled Dwim-Halloe as a runaway orphan, escaping both a zealous bounty hunter and a dragon-obsessed fallen knight. Now, the teenager finds himself a fledgling apprentice to the infamous wizard Seryn Vardan, the Oxbow Kingdom’s most wanted fugitive. When Jetsam attempts a heroic rescue during a foray with his teacher, catastrophe strikes as Seryn is captured and slated for execution.

Jetsam vows to free Seryn from his mysterious captors before his public beheading in the city where they are both falsely accused of murder. With his canine companion, Jetsam attempts a risky homecoming by seeking aid from old friends. Can Jetsam save his beloved mentor from certain death, or will he once again be left homeless and alone with a bounty on his head?

CM Skiera has managed to write another spellbinding tale, expanding on the first adventure while also tying in Seryn's past.Shaykitteh's World of Book…

Mirrors & Mist Cover Reveal

Mirrors & Mist, Book II of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy releases March 15. Today, I'm revealing the cover, which I made primarily using Corel Photo Paint 9 (a 15-year-old software that works amazingly well on my Windows 7 machine). I used the same font and title layout as the Crimson & Cream cover, and tried to keep a consistent look and style between the books. Since Mirrors & Mist will be released as an e-book, the cover will be viewed primarily in thumbnail size, so I focused on large, distinct title and author font size to be readable even at small scale. Ideally, by the release of the third volume of the trilogy, I will have professionally-designed covers for all three books, but for now, I'm still flying in the face of popular wisdom and doing it myself.
Mirrors & Mist is a coming-of-age epic fantasy adventure that continues the tale of Jetsam, a runaway orphan who fled Dwim-Halloe as a fugitive, escaping both a zealous bounty hunter and a dragon-obsessed fal…