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BookBub Promos

You may have heard of BookBub, or already know all about it, but if not, I've come across some potentially helpful information I wanted to share. First off, BookBub is an online service that reaches "millions of readers" while providing authors a way to increase sales. BookBub’s marketing tools let authors promote their books, for a substantial fee.

I've never submitted to BookBub, but my research shows it is the premiere service for book sale promotions and exposure. I've also learned BookBub is very discerning about the books they sell ad space to. In addition, it's no small investment to promote your book on BookBub. While writing this post, I checked the price to advertise my fantasy novel Crimson & Cream for a US-only sale. The BookBub cost was $470. To run an international sale adding the UK and Canada, the cost was $688.

For me, that cost is daunting not only for the upfront fee, but the realization that I would need to sell over 700 eBooks priced …

Another eBook Sale?

I know it seems like I've been running book sales every week, but this is the last one for this KDP cycle (I promise!). I saved the best for last; read the whole Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy--every damn book--for $2.99.

If you're interested, I'm running ads for this sale the next three days on Book Barbarian ($45), Fantasy Book Deals ($17), and Booksends ($50). I got rejected by ENT this time, but will try them again next sale. And someday, I'll work up the nerve to submit for a BookBub ad (they are pricey, and very discerning), so I probably shouldn't worry about spending the money when I'm unlikely to get picked anyway.

I try to share the results of my promotional experiences on this blog, but if you ever have a specific question, please let me know, and I'll be happy to try and answer. And if you have good advice to share, please do--I'm always interested in what works for others.

Now, here's a review of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy:

"When I learned th…

Fantasy Book Sale!

I'm trying something different with my Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Countdown deals.  Since I've run my allotted promos for Crimson & Creamand the Oxbow  Kingdom Trilogy compilation eBook this period, I'm using up my KDP deal days for books two and three of the trilogy: Mirrors & Mistand Warlock & Wyrm.

I'm not running any paid promos for these current sales, as I've found it hard to break even with promotions for trilogy books two and three, whereas sale ads for the first book and the entire trilogy have performed better with the paid promos.

For the next few days, both Mirrors & Mistand Warlock & WyrmeBooks are on sale for 99 cents on Amazon. If you enjoyed Crimson & Cream, now's your chance to grab the rest of the trilogy for $1.98. Here's what folks are saying:

"When I learned that Warlock & Wyrm the third installment of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy was finished, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. C.M. Skiera has c…