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Video Trailer for Crimson & Cream, with some DIY tips . . .

Video Trailer for Crimson & Cream
For all you DIY'ers out there, here's how I made this video for free (i.e., at no cost to me):

I used Windows Live Movie Maker software (but any good movie editing software will do).I used CCFinder (free version) to locate online photographs that are free under the Creative Commons (CC) license.  Obviously, you can also use your own art, which I did as well.I used Photo Pos Pro to edit enhance the images I used (this is an optional step).I selected a song from the excellent composer Kevin MacLeod, who has a large collection of royalty-free CC licensed Music available at It takes some trial-and-error to get the music to sync with the photos, but with a little tinkering, it's not too hard.  I spent an evening after work putting this together (roughly 3-4 hours, I would estimate).
Basically, all you need is movie editing software and images and music that you can legally use.  I chose Kevin MacLeod's music because I r…

Fun with Animoto!

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.