Free E-Book from Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is offering a free e-book download entitled How to Go from First Draft to Published Author. If you're interested in this topic, grab your free copy here.

The book provides advice on choosing between traditional, indie, or hybrid publishing, pitch writing, royalties, beta readers, and much more.  How to Go from First Draft to Published Authorguides you through the entire process, from refining your manuscript to choosing a publishing track to releasing your book.

The book contains advice from industry experts such as BookBaby's Andre Calilhanna, Kindlepreneur's Dave Chesson, Reedsy's Savannah Cordova, and TCK Publishing's Tom Corson-Knowles.

Grab your copy now--you might learn something!

Full disclosure; this website is a Pro Writing Aid affiliate, so if you do happen to purchase any services from them, I would get a small commission.  Also, I have been a Pro Writing Aid customer for years, and have been pleased with their product and service. If you…


AUTHORSdb is an online platform that showcases authors' work via their social media marketing channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram). After registering and adding your information to AUTHORSdb, your author and book listings are posted for free on their website. You can also promote your book deals and giveaways at AUTHORSdb and their social media channels for free.
Once you set up your e-book promotion on their website, AUTHORSdb alerts subscribed readers to your limited-time free or discounted e-books. Below is a screenshot of my current e-book promo page on AUTHORSdb.

To be honest, my main interest in AUTHORSdb is the promotional opportunities for my periodic e-book discounts. However, AUTHORSdb offers many resources, not only to authors, but readers and reviewers as well. For example, in addition to book deals and freebies, you can connect with other authors, find book cover contests, featured author blogs, first line contests, rewards programs and more. If you&…

Amazon Ad Changes

To start the new year, Amazon made changes to their book advertising features. Below, I provide an overview of the changes and some basic directions on how to use the new functions. The Amazon directions can be found here: Author's Guide to the New Amazon Advertising Features.
The main changes to Amazon Ads that occurred in January 2019 were: Amazon retired Product Display Ads, but you can continue to run and edit existing Product Display Ads through February 5, 2019. Your historical data will be accessible in the advertising dashboard, which has also been revamped (see the image below).  Lockscreen Ads are new, but are very similar to Product Display ads as far as the ad setup goes. Lockscreen adds have no title for you to select--just the ad body.  You can continue targeting by interest and your ads can appear on Amazon Fire tablets in full-color display.  Sponsored Products have an additional product targeting feature that allows you to target by product, so your ads appear in re…

Farewell 2018

Hello, and sorry for the long break. This year has been more demanding than usual for me, and finding free time to write and blog has been challenging. I hope 2018 has been a good year for you, and I wish for bigger and better things for all of us in 2019. For my final post of the year, I'd like to share another ebook advertising experience with you.

I ran a sale of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy ebook compilation this week, and set the sale price at $2.99 instead of my usual $1.99. This appears to have been a mistake, when compared to my previous $1.99 trilogy sales. Case in point, I spent $67 running ads on Book Barbarian and Fantasy Book Deals and recorded a dismal four sales so far (the sale ends Tuesday, December 18).

Since December is usually my best sales month and I've always had decent results when using Book Barbarian and Fantasy Book Deals, I can only deduce that people don't consider $2.99 a bargain, even if it's for a three-book set. It's possible I've …