All three books of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy are on sale for 99 cents at Amazon. Grab your epic fantasy deal today! 

Amazon Customer Review: "...truly an epic fantasy! I loved the first two books in the series and this one was a welcome return. A smart escape with some paranormal elements to add to its surprises. Sublime and original. This mega trilogy lured me in with so much action and drama. The mystery that was about to unfold would leave me curious with questions and guessing where this would lead us. The author has the ability to tell a fictional tale but done so in a way that the characters and their actions are believable."

Tome Tender Book Blog: "Once in a while an author creates a world that combines humor, action, danger and the grit of a desperate battle for survival, transporting readers out of their reading chair and into the heart of the unfolding tale. C.M. Skiera has done that with his Oxbow Trilogy, building a world of fantasy that is filled with charact…

Advertising on BookBub

You're likely familiar with BookBub and their service that alerts millions of readers to free and discounted ebooks. BookBub is arguably the most popular and effective service of its kind, and they are very discerning about which ebooks are selected to be featured on their daily e-mails. Getting a spot on BookBub can feel like chasing the Holy Grail to indie writers.

But did you know you can also advertise on BookBub, similar to how you advertise on Amazon and Facebook? I've included images of a few of the BookBub ads I've run so far.

Here's a quick primer on BookBub Partners and BookBub ebook ads:

Who? BookBub Partners Advertising and you

What? Customized, paid ads for your ebooks and discount promotions

Where? Ads appear at the bottom of BookBub's daily e-mails. Placement is not guaranteed--you set your auction bid prices similar to how Amazon and Facebook ads work.

When? Schedule your ads to run whenever you want--you choose the start and end dates, as well as how m…

Two-month Hiatus

Hello, and apologies for going dark since March. This year has been challenging in many ways. I may provide more detail in the future, but suffice to say my blogging (and writing) has taken a back seat to other demands. I've been procrastinating on blogging for the past two months. I do have plenty of things to write about, but my motivation has been lacking. So, what follows is a brief update on some writing-related topics.

You may have noticed I updated my web page with the 2018 roll-out of the new Google Sites. Like every update, there are pros and cons to Google Site's latest iteration, but I do like the look of my new author page, although the lack of features is limiting. Here's a link to TechRadarPro's review, if you're interested in learning more about Google Sites.

Like Google, Amazon can be accused of not leaving well enough alone. In January, Amazon changed Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to Amazon Ads and rolled out a slew of changes. I was planning on …

Time Change Blues?

Time change got you down? Are you feeling cheated for losing an hour from an otherwise good March day? I can't turn back time, but I can offer you a bargain to make up for the rotten deal we got this morning. All three of my books are on sale for a buck at Amazon.

Grab Crimson & Cream, Mirrors & Mist andWarlock & Wyrm for $0.99 each and forget about your lost time.

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