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Page99Test - What is it?

Continually scouring the internet for free ways to self-market my indie ebook Crimson & Cream, I've uncovered yet another interesting site.  I've already tried it and I'll tell you what I think.

Website Name:  Page99Test

What it's About (in their own words):
For decades, readers have used the Page 99 Test to judge the writing of a book before buying it. That's the idea here... but with a twist.Here, published and unpublished writers share their page 99s with readers like you. And you get to rate their writing (without knowing if it's published or who the author is). It's fast. Fun. Addictive.
How it Works:  Founded in 2010, Page 99 Test lets you read one page (you guessed it--page 99!) from a random, anonymous book. After you read the page, you're prompted to answer three questions: Would you Turn the Page?Tell the writer why or why not.Based on what you read, how likely are you to buy this book? Your responses to these three questions are then posted…

Reviews for Indie Books

Book reviewers are a hot commodity these days.  With hundreds of thousands self-published books all craving attention, book reviewers have been flooded.  As one of those authors with an attention-starved book, I've been scouring the internet for reviewers, and I've found quite a few.  Today, however, I stumbled upon a really great site I wanted to share with you here.

But first, a little soap-boxing from me.  As the self-publishing boom with it's resulting feeding frenzy for book reviewers hit, there have been some casualties.  Bad apples have made the path for the mature, professional, well-behaved self-published author a little tougher.  Due to bad indie author behavior, many reviewers have stopped accepting self-published books.

So, before tearing off on these links and requesting a hundred reviews, please, please, please remember to read the review policy.  Can't find it?  Look harder, it may not be in an obvious or easy-to-find place, but most reviewers have one, …

Progress Update

It's Monday!  Hoo-Ray (that's 100% sarcasm there folks).  In this post, I'll give some progress updates on my DIY self-publishing and ebook marketing efforts.
Regarding review requests, in August, I posted about soliciting book reviewers.   I e-mailed approximately 25 requests to online reviewers (and yes, I read each of their review policies, so they do review self-published fantasy ebooks).  Since August,  I've probably solicited another dozen reviewers or so.  I'm still awaiting that elusive first review (I do have one unsolicited 5-star review on, which is very nice).  I'm not complaining--just trying to give a realistic example of how long it can take to get your book reviewed.  So far, expect at least a couple months.Regarding my 'experiment' with the new bookseller website OnlyIndie, in roughly one month, 10 people have taken a free copy of Crimson & Cream (5 free copies remain). Once those are gone, the book will cost one cent, and…

More 'New! What is it?' - Bublish!

I stumbled across yet another interesting new website for authors this week. Seems they're sprouting up like dandelions (but in a good way).  I've posted about OnlyIndie and Novelnook in the past few weeks, and today's topic is Bublish.

Yvonne Hertzberger at Indies Unlimited posted an excellent tutorial for Bublish on Tuesday.  I'm not going to rehash her excellent post, rather, I'll add my two-cents.  After reading Yvonne's article, I immediately had to try Bublish for myself (of course).  So I did, and here's my pair of pennies.

Bublish is still in beta, but it's functioning fine from my experience.  From the website of Serendipite Studios, the creators of Bublish:
"Bublish (™) will revolutionize the way writers share their stories and readers discover new work. We're creating the future of social book discovery . . ." As an author, you can select excepts from your book(s) and then write a personal insight, piece of trivia, or whatever you…

Novelnook - New! - What is it?

A few weeks ago I posted about my self-publishing 'experiment' with OnlyIndie.  Well, I 'Stumbled Upon' another new website catering to the eBook self-publisher.  The name of the website is Novelnook, and it's still currently in beta, with a targeted full release date in mid-November.  Based on my experience, the beta is in good shape, as everything an author needs to register and upload an eBook worked seamlessly for me.  The only requirement I didn't have was a verified PayPal account, but that wasn't a major stumbling block for me, though some may be reluctant to go this route.

As you can probably tell, I'm trying to turn every stone as far as promoting Crimson & Cream goes.  My only self-imposed caveat is that I'm exhausting all the free avenues first.  That's why I gave Novelnook a shot.  It's practically brand new, having gone from Conception to Completion in just 12 Weeks.  'What exactly is Novelbook?' you may ask.  Well, …

Heart Search Blog Tour! Guest Post by Carlie M. A. Cullen, Author of Heart Search: Lost

A Flash of Inspiration – Or Is It?
Inspiration – what does that word mean to you? In the dictionary it’s defined as: 1. Stimulation to do creative work; stimulation for the human mind to creative thought or to the making of art [found inspiration in the landscape around her]. 2. Somebody or something that inspires; somebody or something that inspires somebody to creative thought or to the making of art [His book is an inspiration to all would-be travellers]. 3. Creativeness; the quality of being stimulated to create thought or activity, or the manifestation of this [a moment of inspiration].
As writers we all need inspiration to put pen to paper or our fingers on the keyboard. Yet there’s a missing ingredient here – imagination. To me, inspiration and imagination go hand in hand, like eggs and bacon or toast and marmalade. Yes you can have eggs without the bacon or toast without the marmalade, but will it taste as good?
So let’s explore imagination for a minute. As children we had truckl…

Keeping Promises/Updates

Today I'll try to catch up on all the self-publishing, DIY, work-in-progress activities I said I would keep you updated on.  So here they are:
OnlyIndie:  Last Wednesday, I posted about my 'experiment' with the new bookseller website OnlyIndie.  So far, only three people have taken a free copy of Crimson & Cream (12 free copies remain).  I must say, I'm a bit disappointed the free copies haven't gone faster, but I'm still intrigued by their escalating price concept.  Oh, and did I mention, there are still 12 free copies available!eBook Review Requests:  On August 21, I posted about soliciting book reviewers.   I e-mailed approximately 25 requests to online book reviewers to see if they would be interested in reading and reviewing Crimson & Cream.  From the initial batch of requests, 7 people indicating they were adding my ebook to their list.  So far, still no reviews to share with you (it's been about 6 weeks since my requests went out).Although I t…

Operation eBook Drop

I recently joined something called Operation eBook Drop, which is, according to the creator Edward C. Patterson"an affiliation of independent authors and soldiers."

Via Operation eBook Drop, indie authors offer their ebooks for free to coalition troops deployed overseas.  Troops contact Operation eBook Drop with their e-mail and a request to be included on the free ebook mailing list.  Each author is responsible for getting their book coupons (generally via Smashwords) to the military members.  Mr. Patterson provides the authors with an e-mail list of soldiers to send the free ebook information to.  The list of e-mail addresses I received had over 400 soldiers on it.

Although I think it's a generous thing for authors to do, it's certainly not strictly a philanthropic effort.  For a new self-published author like myself, it provides an outlet to reach new readers and build a following.  It's definitely a win-win opportunity for both readers and authors.

If you&#…