More 'New! What is it?' - Bublish!

I stumbled across yet another interesting new website for authors this week. Seems they're sprouting up like dandelions (but in a good way).  I've posted about OnlyIndie and Novelnook in the past few weeks, and today's topic is Bublish.

Yvonne Hertzberger at Indies Unlimited posted an excellent tutorial for Bublish on Tuesday.  I'm not going to rehash her excellent post, rather, I'll add my two-cents.  After reading Yvonne's article, I immediately had to try Bublish for myself (of course).  So I did, and here's my pair of pennies.

Bublish is still in beta, but it's functioning fine from my experience.  From the website of Serendipite Studios, the creators of Bublish:
"Bublish (™) will revolutionize the way writers share their stories and readers discover new work. We're creating the future of social book discovery . . ."
As an author, you can select excepts from your book(s) and then write a personal insight, piece of trivia, or whatever you'd like to share with a potential reader, on the book passage you selected.  From Bublish, you can share this except & insight on Facebook and Twitter.  To see an example of what a Bublish post looks like, click here.

You can sign up for Bublish as an Author or a Reader. I inadvertently signed up as a reader first; however, once you sign up as an author you also can view Bublsih as a reader (i.e., you don't need to sign up twice, even though I did--remember kids, read twice, click once).

In addition to Yvonne's user-friendly tutorial, Madison Woods posted an in-depth interview with Kathy Meis of Serendipite Studios that explains everything you might want to know about Bublish.  If you're at all curious, it's a very good read.

I'm due for an update post soon that chronicles my success (or lack thereof) with review requests, OnlyIndie, Novelnook, and the other indie self-publishing and promotion endeavors I've undertaken.  Look for that next week, and have a great weekend!

Oh yes, lest I forget, here's another pre-Halloween scare from my Pinterest page.  Boo!

Source: via CM on Pinterest