My Favorite Writing 'Cheat Sheets'

The day before Thanksgiving (US) may not be the optimal time to post, but here goes anyway. Consider this a little holiday treat and my best wishes that everyone enjoys their holiday (or regular) weekend.

Based on the positive response from my last blog post, I thought I'd share another one of my favorites lists with you. Here's a collection of reference web pages (i.e., cheat sheets) I use when writing, mainly in pursuit of finding the right word. If you have good ones to share, please do.

41 Flavors of Body Language for Writers by Susan J. Morris at Omnioracious  Describing body language of a non point-of-view character is one way to convey their mental state with head-hopping.

Catalogue of Human Features by Majnouna at DeviantArt  An excellent tool to help all your character descriptions from sounding the same. Also useful for those times when you can envision how a character looks, but can't find the right words to describe their appearance.

HTML Color Chart with 140 Color Names  I'm bad at remembering the less common names of colors. This helps me combat that flaw.

Character Trait Chart and Personality Components By Sandy Tritt at Women on Writing  There are a million character trait charts on the Internet, but this comprehensive compilation is my favorite (so far).

60 Synonyms for “Walk” by Mark Nichol at Daily Writing Tips  Walk is an easy word to overuse and it's also a usual suspect for unnecessary adverb addition.

Character Feelings Chart from CALIHOO  Angry, sad, and mad are great, but it doesn't hurt to mix it up a bit. With feeling!

Character Moods of Emotions from CALIHOO  A great list for finding the right word to describe the exact emotion you're looking for.

And one for when you're finished with your masterpiece:

Six Things an Author Should Include at the End of Their Novel by Jessica at Compulsion Reads

Did I miss any of your favorites?  Let me know!

Author Update: Since my last update, I've been finalizing the second edition of Crimson & Cream. I'm hoping to make use of the holiday weekend to finish my re-work (two chapters remain) and send it to my editor in December. Then, I plan to finish implementing her editorial suggestions to Mirrors & Mist (Book Two of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy).