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Mind Mapping for Authors

Before I start, I want to thank everyone who responded to my last post. Four kind souls volunteered to beta read Crimson & Cream, and two of them already finished (thanks +Lee Lyte & +Dominique Goodall!). I also received valuable feedback on the three potential book covers. If anyone else is interested in beta reading some epic fantasy, please let me know. Thank you!

Now, on to our regularly-scheduled program . . .

Mind mapping (aka concept or mental mapping) is a process designed to organize ideas into a visual outline format. Mind mapping is a way to capture and organize your concepts on a chart that can be expanded, modified, prioritized, and rearranged as you need. Mind mapping is conducive to:
Organized BrainstormingRadiant ThinkingDynamic visual diagramming Why would mind mapping be a useful tool for an indie author? For the following reasons, and more:
Mind mapping is what you make it; there is no rigorous right or wrong with mind maps.Outline your story visually.Capture i…