Saturday Scenes; A Writer's Movement

#SaturdayScenes is a writing event that occurs weekly on Google+ (G+). Dreamed up by John Ward, the leader of the 20,678-member Writer's Discussion Group, Saturday Scenes is a hashtag-connected collection of writers from all over G+ sharing excerpts of their work. Since May 2014, this event has featured well over a hundred indie writers (145 and counting on the G+ group) and countless scenes from all genres of writing. In its May 3rd debut weekend, #saturdayscenes crashed the G+ top 10 trending list, camping out with such other heavy-hitters like #kentuckyderby, #MayweatherMaidana, #TheAmazingSpiderman2, #JustinBieber, and, of course, #Caturday.

There are no rules, other than to use the hashtag #saturdayscenes. Reveal your latest never-before-seen passage, or share something from an already-published work. Post your poetry or prose. Share fiction or non-fiction. Saturday scenes is about sharing your work with the G+ world (and beyond). By posting your writing publicly to your personal profile, the G+ community will start to follow and connect with you as an author.

I enjoy Saturday Scenes for a variety of reasons. I often share a selection of my work (both published and works-in-progress) and enjoy receiving feedback and interacting with the community. I also love to read what my G+ friends are writing, and of course, I'm hooked on discovering fresh compelling scenes and new talented authors.

Want to learn more about Saturday Scenes? Explore the G+ community, or search #saturdayscenes on G+. If you are a writer or a reader, I urge you to check it out. And don't forget to enjoy my hand-picked epic fantasy selections from Crimson & Cream and Mirrors & Mist.

Author Update: Once my editor returns from her well-deserved Vegas vacation, I anticipate receiving her final comments on Mirrors & Mist. Then I expect a busy fall as I try to polish the manuscript, deliver it to my beta readers, complete a final pass, and publish by year's end. And finalize the book cover. I suspect Christmas will be here before I know it.