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Pro Writing Aid & AutoCrit Revisited

Back in March of last year, I compared the online editing tools AutoCrit and Pro Writing Aid (PWA). Since then, there have been changes to both programs, so I thought I'd revisit the comparison with a brief update. If anything, the two programs are less similar than they were in 2013. Also, since 2013, I allowed my AutoCrit subscription to expire and signed up for the PWA premium version at $35 a year.

So even though I think the 19 reports available with PWA's free online version are outstanding, the premium package perks tempted me. For example, the premium version allows you to install the PWA tool directly into Word (and Google Docs), which allows you to edit within your document file (as opposed to cutting and pasting into the online editing screen). The PWA add-in appears in your Word toolbar and provides all the editing features of the website, without leaving the page, or toggling between Word and your web browser.

I also like the added feature to choose from suggestion…