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Can You Optimize Your Smashwords Coupons?

I'm approaching my first KDP Select giveaway (in May--stay tuned), but my conundrum is that the event will be for the second e-book of a series (Mirrors & Mist), and I'm worried about the appeal (or lack of) for a free e-book that's mid-trilogy. Obviously, if you don't have the first book (Crimson & Cream), getting the second book of a trilogy for free isn't that special, so I'm trying to make them both available for free over that short time period. I didn't go the KDP Select route with Crimson & Cream (Book I), so I'm trying to coordinate a preemptive strike using Smashwords coupons to coincide with the KDP Select event for Mirrors & Mist.

The problem is that while there are a plethora of websites to promote your KDP Select days on, I've found very few websites where you can promote your Smashwords coupons. If I happen to be missing any great sites to advertise your coupon codes, please clue me in! In lieu of that, I conducted a li…