KDP Countdown Deal - My Gameplan

I'm running my first Kindle Countdown Deal starting today with Mirrors & Mist, Book II of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy. I've previously done a few KDP Select Free events, so I thought I would try the other Kindle Promotional option.

A Kindle Countdown Deal is a KDP Select benefit that allows you to run a limited-time discounted-price promotion for your book. Amazon customers can see the book's regular price and the limited-time promotional price. A countdown clock shows how much time is left at the promotional price.

I selected the following days, durations, and discount prices from my KDP dashboard:

1 - On November 10 at 12:00 AM, for 108 hours the price will be $0.99 (67% off)
2 - On November 14 at 12:00 PM, for 60 hours the price will be $1.99 (34% off)
Then, on November 17 at 12:00 AM, Mirrors & Mist returns to the list price of $2.99

During the prior KDP Select Free promotions I ran, I would typically see a spike in free downloads, and an associated (much smaller) spike in sales. I'm going to compare the sales from the free promotion versus the countdown promotion and try to see if one is more advantageous than the other. I'll report back in my next post once the final numbers are in.

I'm advertising my Kindle Countdown Deal on several websites that will feature discounted book promotions. Most of these websites also feature free book promotions as well. For this event, I'm only using the free listing options, though I'll likely start experimenting with paid promotions in the future, but more on that in a future post.

For this event, I've submitted my promotional info for the Mirrors & Mist Countdown Deal to the following websites:
  1. addictedtoebooks.com
  2. ebooklister.net
  3. choosybookworm.com
  4. ebookshabit.com
  5. readingdeals.com
  6. ohfb.com
  7. armadilloebooks.com
  8. bestebooksfree.com
  9. ereaderutopia.com
  10. free99books.com
  11. ebookasaurus.com
  12. discountbookman.com
I'll also be mentioning the promotion on Twitter, facebook, and Google+, of course.

Author Update:  I'm  writing the first draft of Warlock & Wyrm, Book III of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy and recently passed the 61,000 word mark. I'm trying my own mini-version of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) by setting a goal of finishing the first draft by December. I'm calling this my NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month). 

If you'd like to try the trilogy, you can get a free copy of Crimson & Cream, Book I of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy at Smashwords with this code: JH88U. And don't forget, Mirrors & Mist is discounted on Amazon this week!