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Holiday Specials: Mirrors & Mist Sale, Crimson & Cream Giveaway

This week, my 4.7-star rated epic fantasy adventure Mirrors & Mist (Book II of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy) is on sale at Amazon for $0.99. The Countdown deal will increase to $1.99 next weekend before the deal ends.

Crimson & Cream (Book I of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy) is free at Smashwords through the holidays with this coupon code: JH88U. Crimson & Cream currently has a 4.4 star rating on Amazon and a 4.7 star rating on Smashwords.

I've included some descriptive reviews below, to provide an idea of what to expect. My best wishes to everyone on a safe, joyous, and peaceful holiday season. I'll be back in 2016 with a progress update on Warlock & Wyrm (Book III of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy).

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An exciting and excellent second book in The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy!
By Shay VanZwoll on March 14, 2015

Mirrors & Mist, the second book of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy, continues the story of the orpha…

Confessions of a Failure; A Post-Game Wrap-Up of My Kindle Countdown Deal

I conducted my first Kindle Countdown Deal last month for my epic fantasy adventure Mirrors & Mist, Book II of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy. Unfortunately, the results failed to meet even my tempered expectations. But you may recall, I promised to compare the sales from the KDP Select Free events versus the Countdown promotion to see if one is more advantageous than the other.

I'd previously done a few KDP Select Free events where I would typically see a spike in free downloads, and an associated (much smaller) spike in sales. My hope was that the Countdown Deal would produce more sales (albeit at a discounted price), however, this did not happen.

During the Kindle Countdown Deal that ran November 10 through 17, I sold a total of four e-books on Amazon. In comparison, my last Amazon giveaway produced an additional six sales of my first book (which was not being given away) and around 150 free downloads of the featured book.

I advertised my Kindle Countdown Deal on several website…

My NaNoFiMo

As you may recall, I didn't attempt NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year, although I did set a goal to finish the first draft of my novel, which was already started, by the end of November. I felt like I was fading down the home stretch and wanted to challenge myself to complete the first draft. Tagging along on the coat-tails of NaNoWriMo, I dubbed my fictional endeavor NaNoFiMo, as in National Novel Finishing Month. Since I don't keep a writing log or journal, I decided to document my results here, so I can look back at this post, once I forget the details.
My goal for November was 1,000 words a day, and although I fell short of 30,000 words for the month, and didn't finish the first draft by my self-imposed deadline, I did come close. For the month, I wrote 24,912 words (830 words per day), which is 5,088 words shy of my goal. I know it seems like I'm fixating on the numbers (I'm a bit of a statistics nerd), but I'm also looking at the results…