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The Dreaded Mailing List

Between the holidays and a very busy new year, I've found little time to blog. I'm going to use this post to help myself work through a personal hurdle. Everyone says an author must have a mailing list and an associated periodic newsletter. What makes having a mailing list a must? Readers are a valuable commodity, and a mailing list lets you keep track of your readers so you never lose contact with of any of them. This makes sense to me, and I do save all my readers' e-mail addresses.

The newsletter part of the equation is where I stumble and procrastinate. I can't convince myself that people would be interested in receiving e-mail updates from me. I've struggled with this for a while, and have finally come up with an idea that may instigate me into taking action. For 2016, I'm setting a goal of creating and sending a newsletter that contains a portion of my epic fantasy work-in-progress Warlock & Wyrm. Previously, I've posted my work-in-progress on Wat…