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Pro Writing Aid Update

I've posted about Pro Writing Aid (PWA) previously, and compared the online editing tool to other similar products. As you may recall, I found their free editing tools an excellent resource, comparable to some for-pay services. I ultimately purchased their 1-year premium package, and was pleased with the additions offered in the for-pay product. Since then, my PWA premium subscription ($35 a year) expired, and in November, 2015, during a Cyber Monday 48-hour special, I signed up for PWA's lifetime membership ($50 at the time, regularly $120).

In January, PWA invited me to join their affiliate program, and I did, so to be transparent, if you buy their product through this website, I'll receive a commission on the sale. That being said, I used PWA for years prior to joining their affiliate program and find their editing tool outstanding.

In fact, while PWA's premium additions save time and increase the tool's efficiency and flexibility, the core editing functions are…

LibraryThing Giveaway Results

What is LibraryThing? In its simplest terms, LibraryThing is a website for creating your own professional-quality online book catalog. However, LibraryThing also connects people with similar reading tastes, recommends books to read based on your catalog and ratings, showcases local events, hosts groups and discussion boards, features book giveaways, and much more. Goodreads (and the former Shelfari) is probably the most recognizable service similar to LibraryThing, although they are not carbon copies of each other.

I'm going to focus on one specific function on LibraryThing; the LibraryThing Member Giveaway. These giveaways allow members (authors, publishers, and agents) to list books (paper, ebook, or audio book) for free giveaways. The giver pays shipping or provides ebooks via downloads or e-mail. The giveaway winners are randomly chosen by LibraryThing, and the book giver is provided information on how to contact the winners with their free books. A feature of the giveaway all…