Pro Writing Aid Update

I've posted about Pro Writing Aid (PWA) previously, and compared the online editing tool to other similar products. As you may recall, I found their free editing tools an excellent resource, comparable to some for-pay services. I ultimately purchased their 1-year premium package, and was pleased with the additions offered in the for-pay product. Since then, my PWA premium subscription ($35 a year) expired, and in November, 2015, during a Cyber Monday 48-hour special, I signed up for PWA's lifetime membership ($50 at the time, regularly $120).

In January, PWA invited me to join their affiliate program, and I did, so to be transparent, if you buy their product through this website, I'll receive a commission on the sale. That being said, I used PWA for years prior to joining their affiliate program and find their editing tool outstanding.

In fact, while PWA's premium additions save time and increase the tool's efficiency and flexibility, the core editing functions are all available in the free version. If you're considering using PWA, I would suggest testing the free version before jumping to premium. Once you're familiar with the free online tool, judging whether the perks are worth the cost should be clear.

PWA offers a free, 75-page user guide available in pdf form. This instruction manual is a great tool for beginners and an excellent resource for learning everything PWA offers. I recommend browsing the manual first if you have any interest in the editing program, to get an idea of the tool's capabilities.

Until May 1, 2016, you can win a lifetime PWA membership in the $5,000 Publishing Package giveaway at Standoutbooks. I've entered the contest, and if you're interested in finding out more about the prizes and rules, click here. There--I've officially decreased my chances of winning.

Also, for a limited time, PWA is offering a free 25-page ebook--20 Editing Tips from Professional Writers. Many of these tips can also be found on the PWA blog, however, the ebook combines them nicely in one handy file.

Speaking of their blog, PWA posts articles on grammar and writing-related topics several times a week. It's a valuable source of free writing tips, and contains over four years of content for your perusal.

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Author Update: I'm currently editing Warlock & Wyrm, Book III of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy, and am near the halfway point. My target is to provide a thoroughly self-edited manuscript to my editor in June.