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More Info on Book Ads

Did you know there are over 250 websites where an author can promote their book deals and giveaways? To me, that number is daunting. How do you create a strategy to advertise your books with so many options and so little data on actual performance results?

I recently read a guest post on Indies Unlimited by Jason B. Ladd of IndieListers, a new website that features a free database of book promotion results. You have to sign up to view the results (and to enter your own data to share, if you wish), but registration is free, so I joined the site.

The IndieListers database displays actual performance results uploaded by authors on their advertising purchases. Currently, there are over 300 entries posted by authors on their various ad campaigns. What kind of results are posted? You can find the following information (depending on the level of detail the author provides while entering the data):
The name of the advertising service(s) used,The fees paid to run the ad,The number of book downl…