The Best of My 2016 Reading List

Happy 2017! I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and I wish you all the very best for the new year.

My 2016 Goodreads Summary reports that in 2016, I read 40 books, not including 5 drafts of my own novel, Warlock & Wyrm.  I didn't quite finish Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings before the end of 2016, though I'm over 900 pages deep. It will be my first finished read of 2017. If you're curious as to what my reading tastes are, here is a summary of the best of what I read last year.

My personal top five (in no particular order) 5-Star-rated speculative fiction:
My personal independent speculative fiction favorites (again--no particular order):
And a few awesome non-fiction indie works:
Author Update: After a bit of a holiday break, I'm continuing to work with my editor on Warlock & Wyrm. I'm projecting to have my editor finish her review and comments in February, and then I'll incorporate my revisions and do another scrub before sending the story to my beta readers. I'm targeting a mid-2017 release.