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Amazon Ads, A Second Try

After reading the excellent advice provided by authors C. L. Murray (on his blog) and Shawn Inmon (at Indies Unlimited) regarding advertising books on Amazon, I decided to give Amazon Ads another try while incorporating their helpful suggestions. If you recall, my first foray into Amazon ads was a complete miss. Here's a step-by-step chronological list of how I constructed my latest Amazon ad (which starts running today):

At the suggestion of C. L. Murray, I selected a Product Display Ad (last time, I chose the other ad option).For the ebook to advertise, I chose Crimson & Cream (book one of the trilogy, instead of book two, like last time). I'm hoping the first book of the series may be more enticing to potential readers, and lead to follow-up sales of my other book(s).I chose to target "By Product" instead of "By Interest." This was my own intuitive choice in thinking that buyers of similar books are a better target than customers based on interest cat…