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Amazon Ads Progress Update

I've been experimenting with Amazon ads for about a month now, and have some additional insight and tips to share. Unfortunately, it's been a long, strange trip, and explaining things clearly required a very long post. Please understand, this is just a summary of my attempts to navigate the Amazon advertising system and share what I've learned. What is working today may not work tomorrow, and results will certainly vary by user.

When advertising on Amazon, the options abound, and finding the right mix of all the variables can take time as well as money. I'll start by explaining my mistakes. My first was choosing to target "By Product" instead of "By Interest." This was my own intuitive choice in thinking that buyers of similar books are a better target than customers based on interest categories. Turns out I was wrong (in my case, at least).

After implementing the game plan I outlined in my last post, my ads were getting almost no impressions (i.e.,…