Warlock & Wyrm Status Update

So, a quick update on Warlock & Wyrm, Book III of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy: I've addressed all the comments from my fantastic beta readers  (a special shout-out to Jennifer Thompson and Anne Carlson). I'm currently reviewing the book to search for any errors that crept in during the final revisions. I read seven chapters last night and found enough errors/typos to convince me this effort is worth my time. I have 35 chapters left to read, so I hope to finish in a week.

After I complete my read-through and associated fixes, I'll convert a version to epub/mobi and send it to my ARC reviewers. If, by chance, you're interested in receiving an ARC copy in exchange for writing and posting an Amazon review, please let me know, as I would be happy to send you one.

I also need to update my webpage to include the new book cover and a link, and then also make a new Facebook page for Warlock & Wyrm. Then, about a week after sending out the ARC copies, I'll publish the ebook on Amazon. So my soft target for publication is Saturday, September 30, 2017.

How's that for a plan?

Also, thanks to the internet, I discovered that the creature on the cover of Warlock & Wyrm was technically a wyvern, therefore, I added two front legs, so anatomically, the beast now identifies as  dragon!

Thanks again for all your support, and best wishes to all those who've suffered through hurricanes.