AUTHORSdb is an online platform that showcases authors' work via their social media marketing channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram). After registering and adding your information to AUTHORSdb, your author and book listings are posted for free on their website. You can also promote your book deals and giveaways at AUTHORSdb and their social media channels for free.

Once you set up your e-book promotion on their website, AUTHORSdb alerts subscribed readers to your limited-time free or discounted e-books. Below is a screenshot of my current e-book promo page on AUTHORSdb.

To be honest, my main interest in AUTHORSdb is the promotional opportunities for my periodic e-book discounts. However, AUTHORSdb offers many resources, not only to authors, but readers and reviewers as well. For example, in addition to book deals and freebies, you can connect with other authors, find book cover contests, featured author blogs, first line contests, rewards programs and more. If you're an author or a reader, it's worth checking out. Find more about AUTHORSdb here.

And if you didn't figure it out by the picture above, I'm also running a deep discount on my e-book compilation of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy, which is on sale now at Amazon for only $1.99. Half-price candy isn't the only bargain right after after Valentines Day.


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    1. Thank you, Steven! I appreciate the kind words and glad you found it helpful. Take care.


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