Two-month Hiatus

Hello, and apologies for going dark since March. This year has been challenging in many ways. I may provide more detail in the future, but suffice to say my blogging (and writing) has taken a back seat to other demands. I've been procrastinating on blogging for the past two months. I do have plenty of things to write about, but my motivation has been lacking. So, what follows is a brief update on some writing-related topics.

You may have noticed I updated my web page with the 2018 roll-out of the new Google Sites. Like every update, there are pros and cons to Google Site's latest iteration, but I do like the look of my new author page, although the lack of features is limiting. Here's a link to TechRadarPro's review, if you're interested in learning more about Google Sites.

Like Google, Amazon can be accused of not leaving well enough alone. In January, Amazon changed Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to Amazon Ads and rolled out a slew of changes. I was planning on detailing my experiences with the new platform, and may still do that in a future post, but for now, here's a link to an excellent article by Jane Friedman on the topic.

In response to my challenges with Amazon's ever-changing playing field for advertising, I tried a new service called Book Report, which provides you tools to analyze your Amazon sales data. Book Report is free for everyone earning less than $1000 a month on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), and costs $19 per month if you earned more than $1000 last month. I plan to post about Book Report after I've become more familiar with all its features.

And, finally, if you've followed my blog at all, you'll have noticed a not-so-coincidental tendency of my posts to appear during my book sales. Lest I disappoint your powers of observation, Crimson & Cream (the first book of my epic fantasy Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy) is on sale for 99 cents at Amazon from June 18 through the 25th. As always, I appreciate you spreading the word.