Advertising on BookBub

You're likely familiar with BookBub and their service that alerts millions of readers to free and discounted ebooks. BookBub is arguably the most popular and effective service of its kind, and they are very discerning about which ebooks are selected to be featured on their daily e-mails. Getting a spot on BookBub can feel like chasing the Holy Grail to indie writers.

But did you know you can also advertise on BookBub, similar to how you advertise on Amazon and Facebook? I've included images of a few of the BookBub ads I've run so far.

Here's a quick primer on BookBub Partners and BookBub ebook ads:

Who? BookBub Partners Advertising and you

What? Customized, paid ads for your ebooks and discount promotions

Where? Ads appear at the bottom of BookBub's daily e-mails. Placement is not guaranteed--you set your auction bid prices similar to how Amazon and Facebook ads work.

When? Schedule your ads to run whenever you want--you choose the start and end dates, as well as how much to spend.

Why? To drive preorders, launch a new release, promote a discount, boost sales, and more.

How? Make an account on BookBub Partners, set up your Author Profile, link to your published ebooks, and start making ads.

BookBub provides The Ultimate Guide to BookBub Ads which contains an excellent step-by-step tutorial for beginners on how to use BookBub ads. Their website also presents lots of tips and advice for creating and optimizing your ebook ad. Listed below are a few of the articles that I've found helpful:
In addition to the starter guide and tips, The BookBub Partners Blog is full of helpful information and insights to authors.

My personal tip is starting with cost-per-click (CPC) ads if you are looking for pure sales, as opposed to cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM). I tried both, and spent more money with fewer sales using CPM ads when compared to CPC. Depending on your goal, CPM ads may suit your purpose if you are looking to increase a book’s exposure to a specific audience. However, I think CPC bidding is more intuitive and straightforward than CPM for beginners.

My second tip is to reference Kindle Unlimited in your ad (assuming your ebook is available on KU). I noticed upticks in my Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) Read from KU and KOLL while running my BookBub ads.

My third tip is to temper your expectations. So far, my ads have cost more that they've made, which is similar to my experience starting off with other advertising services. Like other ad platforms, there is a learning curve and you often pay for your mistakes with unsuccessful ads. However, BookBub's audience is huge and can be a valuable addition to your marketing platform.