E-book Sale and Best Wishes

Wishing you all well against the virus. I hope you're doing all the things to stay safe. I'm trying my best. I scheduled this book sale and paid for my ads a few months ago, so I'm still going to promote it. If you can't afford 99 cents today, or $1.99 in the next few days, but would like to read these three books, drop me a note and I'll see if I can hook you up for free.

The 4.9-star epic fantasy adventure The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy is 99 cents today. Here are some promotional words to inspire you to purchase my epic fantasy three-book-set at this ridiculously low price.

Evil lurks in the Underbelly, and that's the least of Jetsam's worries. A runaway orphan and a fugitive wizard are both falsely accused and on the run. Will they survive the men and monsters that want them dead?

“If you are a fan of epic fantasies, then this is your trilogy. Master storytelling is hard to achieve, but you will find it here.” – author Jennifer Thompson

“The writing has lots of cinematic flair and the story will have you rooting for the main characters to find their way home, and find their own happy ending despite the odds stacked against them.” – Amazon Reviewer

“You truly can find a hero in the highest of places and, the lowest of places as well. You can't get much lower than the Underbelly. Did you hear this one? A magician, a ghost and an orphan walk into a dragons lair.” – Amazon Reviewer

"Once in a while, an author creates a world that combines humor, action, danger and the grit of a desperate battle for survival, transporting readers out of their reading chair and into the heart of the unfolding tale. C. M. Skiera has done that with his Oxbow Trilogy, building a world of fantasy that is filled with characters that will steal your heart, characters that will raise your ire and evil that seems insurmountable!" – Tome Tender Book Blog