Free Writing Events in May

ProWritingAid is hosting more free writing events this month. See details below if you're interested.

  • Fiction writers, keep readers on the edge of their seats as book doctor Sally O-J teaches you how to write tension and conflict.
  • All kinds of writers can learn how to write clearly and engage their readers with an actionable session with editing pro, Hayley Milliman.
  • Business Writers, join us to find out how ProWritingAid can help you polish everything from reports to emails to Tweets. 

Free Events for Writers
ProWritingAid 101
May 4 (2 PM ET / 7 PM UK)

Founder and CEO of ProWritingAid, Chris Banks, will walk you through the ProWritingAid web editor to help you get up and running. See how key features like the Summary Report, Real-Time Checking, and Word Explorer can help you improve your craft. The session will finish with a live Q&A.

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The Five Principles of Creating Clarity
May 4 (2 PM ET / 7 PM UK)

As writers, we often spend too much time focusing on what our ideas are instead of how to communicate those ideas most effectively. If we don't sharpen our sentences with our readers in mind, then our ideas will get lost and our writing will be less engaging.

In this actionable presentation, Hayley will walk you through five key ways to improve the craft of your writing. By the end of the session, you'll know exactly how to tackle your work to make it more powerful for your readers.

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Ask a Book Doctor
Tension and Conflict 
May 11 (2 PM ET / 7 PM UK)

On the second Tuesday of every month, the ProWritingAid community is invited to bring all their questions to our favorite Book Doctor, Sally O-J.

Without a central conflict, your story won't go anywhere. Your conflict is what draws readers to your book, and what keeps them reading. Find out how to create tension and conflict in this month's Book Doctor session.

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Self-Editing School
5 Principles of a Thorough Self-Editing Process
May 20 (2 PM ET / 7 PM UK)

We've teamed up with Story Coach and founder of First Editing JoEllen Nordström for Self-Editing School.

This month, find out how to self-edit your book with these five principles which professional editing services use daily. Learn how combining these with effective editorial techniques, online editing tools, and organizational processes helps you publish your book confidently. 

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ProWritingAid Monthly Write-In
May 25 (2 PM ET / 7 PM UK)

Each month, we gather for the ProWritingAid Write-In. In May, we'll be learning how to create and manage subplots in your story that your readers will love to get lost in. 

Join us as we work through short prompts and share together for feedback.

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