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Help Me Choose a Book Title!

Book Two of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy is written (first draft at least) and is undergoing reviewing and editing. And I'm tired of calling it Book Two. It needs a title! I have several I'm considering, but want to seek feedback before I decide. After all, I need to get working on a cover.

In picking a title, I'm focusing on the following objectives:
To be consistent with Crimson & Cream (aka Book One), I'd like a three-word title with '&' as the middle 'word.'As with Crimson & Cream, alliteration would be nice (i.e., same first letter in first and third words).It obviously needs to be relevant to the book, which is something you won't be able to judge, but all my contenders have at least a subtle tie-in to the story. If you'd like to get a feel for the imagery I've envisioned for Book Two, check out my Pinterest Board: Volume II Teasers.I'd prefer the title not be similar to (or the same as) another title, especially books that…

One Year Lived (Free eBook)

Today I'm featuring a new release from fellow author Adam Shepard.  A few years ago, for his first book, Scratch Beginnings, Adam was featured in the Christian Science MonitorThe Atlantic, on the Today ShowNPR20/20, and many others.

Adam's new book, One Year Lived, is coming out April 22nd. It's the narrative of his year-long trip around the globe.  He visited seventeen countries on four continents and lived some amazing adventures.

Instead of posting more about the book, I've included a particularly poignant excerpt below, which does a much better job showcasing One Year Lived than my rambling could.  The selected passage begins the personal story of just one of the many people Adam met on his journey:
At age twenty-five, Flora met a guy. They got serious; they got married; they brought a shy and beautiful daughter into the world. A few days after Flora turned twenty-eight, they started building a house together. When Flora discovered that her husband was beddi…

An Update & More Free Stuff

It's been a few months since my last 'quarterly' update, so today I'll revisit some of the self-publishing topics I've discussed previously, and mix in a few goodies to boot.

Regarding ebook reviews, of the approximately 75 free review requests I solicited from bloggers and review websites, I've received seven reviews (you can find them here).  The latest one was posted just yesterday at You Gotta Read Reviews. While positive overall, the reviewer provided some detailed constructive criticism that I hope to apply to Volume II of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy.

Speaking of book two, I've finished the first draft and am currently editing chapter by chapter. Right now, I'm going through chapter seven, with chapters one through six in pretty good shape. Total word count sits at 63,000.  I'm continuing to self-edit using both Pro Writing Aid and AutoCrit, although I must say, I still favor the free tools available at Pro Writing Aid over the subscription pack…