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Dramatica Writer's DreamKit - What is It?

This is a review of Dramatica Writer's DreamKit, which is a story building software for writers. I've used this software to help write three books, starting with my first, back in the mid 1990s. Advertised as a step-by-step fiction writing system, Dramatica is built on a theory of story that guides you to assemble your story to include the character relationships and motivations necessary for success. Currently, you can buy the software for around $60   More expensive versions with more features are available, but can cost close to $200.  I used the least expensive, basic version and found it was plenty deep and complex enough for my taste.

So what does Dramatica Writer's DreamKit do? After you install the software on your computer, you start the Dramatica process, answering questions as you 'build' your story through the Story Guide function.  The first questions ask you to describe your story--what happens in the beginning, middle, and end.  It then prompts you t…

Bublish, Reviews, and an Update

A bit of a mixed bag for today's post.  While I've got an upcoming review in the works about Dramatica and a free online editing software website I've found, neither are ready yet, so instead you get a little bit of a smorgasbord.  In today's post, I'll update some of the self-publishing topics I've been keeping you abreast of.

If you're not familiar with Bublish, I posted about it back in October.  I've been a bit of a slacker lately when it comes to using Bublish, but I'm trying to rectify that.  Here's my latest 'bubble.'

Regarding Volume II of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy, I received a nice shot of motivation from Fantasy Book Reviews this week.  If you're curious about what they had to say about Crimson & Cream (and you've fallen prey to my subtle foreshadowing), check it out here.

Speaking of reviews, my last update on this topic showed that of my approximately 60+ review requests I solicited, I hadn't received any rev…