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M. Howalt, Serial Author on JukePop

Today I'd like to introduce fellow indie author (and World Literary Café member) M. Howalt and share a sample of her latest serial novel: ConvictionM. Howalt's works are available on JukePop, which is a website for authors to release stories one chapter at a time, receive community feedback, fine-tune along the way, and publish upon completion. M. Howalt's debut serial novel, Aconitum, is available on JukePop in its entirety.

M. Howalt grew up in suburban Denmark, but writes stories that most often take place in a far-away, magical land or a nitty-gritty alternate reality. Armed with a master's degree in English studies, a head full of ideas, a pet cat (or feline overlord as he likes to think), this writer pens supernatural fiction with a literary twist and emotional realism. You can find her blog Muse X-ing here and on these sites as well:

Conviction is a cross-genre, high fantasy novella…

BookLikes Giveaway Success

If you're the sort of author who likes to use giveaways to try and boost your readership, or a reader who enjoys free books, Booklikes has a feature you might be interested in. But if you're not familiar with Booklikes, let me take a step back and explain.

Booklikes is a European website that identifies itself as a blog platform designed for book lovers. Booklikes is similar to sites like Goodreads and LibraryThing, but with its own unique personality. One of the things an author can do on Booklikes is stage a giveaway.

I've held two giveaway events for my epic fantasy novel Crimson & Cream. Although my KDP Select giveaways were more successful in sheer volume, I'm hoping the Booklikes giveaways reach a different audience. And, in fairness to Booklikes, their giveaways are not set up like Amazon's, so comparing them is not really 'apples to apples.' For example, on Booklikes, the author determines the number of books to giveaway and agrees to supply the …